Renter News: Your Tenant Portal

Each month rent and other monthly charges are posted to your account, which can be accessed through your tenant portal.

~  Click here for your tenant portal and ledger for your current balance ~

Each tenant can create an account and login. This Portal can be used to pay rent online, make a repair request, check your balance, communicate with management, see your lease and other documents, and more. Only tenants with a signed lease, or that currently live in a PG Rentals Managed property will have access.

Reading the Online Tenant Ledger
  • Log in and check your ledgers carefully. The balance due is for the whole household, not per person.
  • Recurring monthly charges (any amounts stated in your lease) are posted around the 25th of the month and are due on the first. Some other charges are posted throughout the month, such as utilities billed as used or maintenance charges.
  • Payments received will be applied to oldest charges first. If payment is not enough to cover the full balance due, it could result in delinquent rent and late fees.
  • Remember, the Total Amount Due is due on the 1st of the month. 

Any pre-paid rent and auto-payments will be applied/processed in the previously agreed upon amount. 

Payments: When you pay your portion, that does not mean that it will cover a portion of rent, a portion of grounds, and a portion of any other charges. The entire payment goes to the oldest charges. Because of this, it is important to check the monthly statement email and communicate with your roommates about how much you will each pay to ensure that all charges owed are fully paid to avoid late fees.

Please communicate with us through your tenant portal or give us a call if you have questions about any charges. We are always willing to talk to you on the phone or sit down in person to be sure everything is understood.