Current Tenants

Our goal is to make your renting experience a great one. We are constantly improving our processes by implementing new technology. Before you move-in, you will receive access to your Tenant Portal where you can make electronic rent payments, submit repair requests, communicate with management, and view copies of important documents. The answers to most of your questions can be found in your tenant portal and within your lease. However, below are a few of the most frequently asked questions and quick links to online services.

After Hours Tenant Emergency Phone Number – 303.426.3688


Within five (5) days of moving in, you must submit a Rental Property Checklist that reports the condition of the property. You may use the Online Rental Checklist or, if you prefer a paper copy, please call the office.

Current Tenants:

Each tenant can create an account and login through the tenant portal. This Portal can be used to pay rent online, make a repair request, check your balance, communicate with management, see your lease and other documents, and more. Only tenants with a signed lease, or that currently live in a PG Rentals Managed property will have access.

New Tenants:

Just prior to the start date of your lease, you will receive an e-mail from PG Rentals with instructions on how to log-in to your Tenant Portal.

If you are on a lease with other people you will be setup with two accounts:

One is your personal account where you will be able to make payments, create repair requests, see your collective balance, etc.

The other account is a “Master Account” to which each tenant will have access with a main username and a common password.

The master account will be the only unit where you will be able to see a detailed ledger of charges and payments. Please make sure you agree on the password for this Master Account and that it is shared with all tenants on your lease.

Rent is always due on the 1st of the month. All checks should be made payable to “PG Rentals” and mailed or dropped off at our office. Please note that the office is open 7 days a week (excluding holidays). You may also make rent payments online via the PG Rentals Tenant Portal.

Please report all maintenance issues through your Tenant Portal.

Rental Property Checklist:

Online / PDF

If you have a maintenance emergency during non-business hours, please call 303-426-3688. This number is only to be used after hours, including holidays. Examples of emergency maintenance issues include no heat in winter months and major leaking/flooding.

Please check your lease to determine which utilities you are responsible for. Prior to your lease start date, you will want to contact the utility providers to set up your service account.



Fort Collins:






All tenants must obtain renters insurance and provide proof of insurance prior to move-in. PG Rentals must be listed as the “Additional Interest”, and all policies must have minimum liability coverage of $300,000.

In most cases, you may sublet by following the steps below:

  1. Notify management that you intend to sublet and obtain written permission to do so.
  2. Find a suitable replacement tenant.
  3. Replacement tenant must complete a rental application (and provide co-signer if applicable).
  4. Replacement tenant must be approved by Owner/Agent.
  5. Replacement tenant’s co-signer provides management with a Parental Guarantee and copy of valid drivers license.
  6. Pre-pay a $600 administrative fee.
  7. Replacement tenant pays a security deposit. Your original security deposit will ALSO be held by management for the remainder of the lease term.
  8. You and your replacement tenant sign “Assignment of Lease” paperwork.

Tenants must arrange for the house to be vacated and for all their belongings to be removed by 12:00 pm on the lease end date. Move out walk-throughs are not required. We request all keys to be left on the kitchen counter, but take a front door key with you to lock up on your way out. Please keep in mind, there are fines for occupying the unit beyond your specified lease end date. 

Please review our MOVE OUT CHECKLIST and CLEANING CHECKLIST when preparing the property for your move-out. Our cleaners will clean anything that was missed. Tenants are NOT permitted to clean their own carpets. 

Absolutely no furnishings which were not in the Leased Premises as the beginning of the lease term may be left in the Leased Premises at the end of your term. 

Please also make sure your smoke detectors and CO detectors are in place and functional; replace any missing or broken light bulbs, and replace any drip pans on your stove.

Deposits are returned within 60 (SIXTY) DAYS of the end of the lease term, as long as no money is owed. Deposits are sent to the last known address or a tenant-provided address, as soon as all bills are received and reconciled.

To have individual checks written for each tenant, prior to the end of your lease term, please completely fill out the multiple check request form. It must be signed by ALL lease signers and notarized. There is a $15.00 fee for EACH ADDITIONAL CHECK issued.

To have separate checks issued AFTER Security Deposit has been returned will require a pre-paid fee of $30 PER CHECK, the multiple check request form filled out and notarized, and 15 day MINIMUM processing time. Tenants will also be responsible for STOP PAYMENT fee on original deposit check.

All questions regarding deposit returns must be in writing. We can only answer questions in writing, and cannot respond to phone calls regarding deposits. Please address all questions to our office.