Owner News: Updates with the City of Boulder

City of Boulder

Enforcement – We have seen enforcement efforts by the City increase and change tactics. We have recently learned that the enforcement officers are knocking on doors and asking tenants to let them in to check for smoke detectors. But they are there to count heads and beds, and look for permitting issues on the property as far back as 40 years ago. 

SmartRegs compliance city-wide is approximately 80%. The city estimates that approximately 85% of rental properties have had the baseline inspection. BARHA has recently been in talks with city staff about properties that are having technical issues becoming compliant.

IMPORTANT – If your unit is not yet compliant (or in process), please either contact us to get started, or let us know your plan to make your unit compliant. The City has informed us that all units that are not compliant Dec 31, 2018, WILL IMMEDIATELY LOSE ITS RENTAL LICENSE, and your tenants will have to move out.

SmartRegs is an ordinance the Boulder City Council voted in about 6 years ago. The stated goal of the program improves “energy efficiency in existing rental housing“. The ordinance requires that every rental unit in the City of Boulder meet a standard energy efficiency level by Dec 31, 2018. Rental Licenses for every unit that is not compliant by Dec 31, 2018 will expire, and will not be eligible for renewal until the unit is compliant. Owners may also see legal action by the City.

Your management agreement specifies if you would like us to handle SmartRegs compliance for you. If you are not sure if you are in process to become compliant, please contact us.

The ultimate compliance date of Dec 31, 2018 is still in place, and any property not compliant by this date will see the rental license for that unit become void on Jan 1, 2019.  

Please note – The PG Rentals property management agreement requires that units must be compliant no later than Dec 31, 2017. We reserve the right to terminate management contracts for properties that are not compliant. We will not offer units for the 2018-2019 rental cycle that are not compliant. 

You are welcome to contact us, your property management experts, if you have questions – we can help walk you through this process and assist you with becoming compliant.