Owner News: Ready to Sell? We have Investors

If you are an investor in residential real estate and are thinking of selling one or more of your units, we have an opportunity for you.

While real estate is a great investment, we know that it makes sense to sell from time-to-time. Maybe you’re ready to sell a single family home and invest in a multi-family building, or it’s time to go the other way with your investment strategy.  Sometimes it even makes sense to sell everything if an altogether different investment works for you.

We have received inquiries from an investment group interested in purchasing a large portfolio of residential properties in Boulder and Ft Collins. If you have any interest is selling any units, please let us know. This investment group is looking to purchase a number multi-family or single family properties in Boulder and Ft Collins.

Or if you are interested in exploring you own purchase of additional investment properties for your portfolio, we are here to help. We have helped many investors in Boulder County and beyond accomplish their dreams of real estate investment.