Renter News: Occupancy and Ordinances

Important notes for all PG Rentals Tenants

Occupancy Limits –

The City of Boulder is actively looking for over occupied units and conducting inspections. Our lease is explicit in prohibiting over occupancy, and PG Rentals does not condone anyone living in your rental unit that is not on the lease. We are conducting occupancy inspections on a weekly basis and are proactively reporting each violation we find. The City’s fine for over occupancy is $2000/day retroactive to the beginning of the lease. You can avoid these fines by abiding by city rules. Please ask us if you are unsure if you are following the ordinances properly.

Off Hours Emergency –

For after hours Emergencies please call: 303-426-3688. This number is only to be used after hours, including holidays. Examples of emergency maintenance issues include no heat in winter months and major leaking/flooding.

During regular business hours and for routine service issues please log onto your Tenant Portal and fill out a service request there. By using the form, you (and we!) are able to keep track of the exact status of the issue and resolve it quickly.

Tidbits –

The City is also stepping up enforcement of a number of other city ordinances, including; over occupancy, noise, trash violations and others. Please be careful with parties, trash and noise. The fines are steep and the City has 2 new enforcement officers policing town.

Mountain lions and bobcats have been spotted in Boulder, and bears are active. Please be careful when outside after dark in Boulder.

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