Renter News: Before You Leave Town

Checklist for leaving town for the holidays

If you are leaving town for the holidays, be sure to leave your Boulder home safe and secure.

  • Boulder ordinance requires that snow must be removed within 24 hours of a snow fall. Before you leave, arrange with a friend or neighbor to clear snow off your property.
  • Do NOT turn your heat off. Set your heat to 55-60 degrees to ensure pipes won’t freeze and burst if we get a cold snap.
  • Ask a friend to collect your mail and pick up newspapers and/or any trash in your yard. If you’re going away for awhile, consider the Hold Mail service through the Post Office.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked. Move any expensive items like laptops away from windows where they may be visible.
  • Set at least one light on a timer.
  • Don’t leave pets by themselves. Find someone to take care of them while you are away.