Sales & Investment News

As we are now managing and brokering sales in Ft Collins, CO, we are beginning to include stats about that market as well.

Vacancy rates increased again in Boulder. Last quarter saw rates peak at about 7.9%. Q3 vacancy rates have moved up to 8.2%. The segment of the market consistently increasing supply is the condo segment.
Investment sales activity increased slightly in Q3. The current average ask price/sales price is 99.0%.

We analyze the investment market on a quarterly basis to track a number of metrics related to Sales in our market. The analysis uses the previous 9 months of SOLD properties, from the Colorado MLS, specifically the city of Boulder. Below is a summary of the numbers for Q3 2018.

Boulder – 18Q3 Sales Stats
Average GRM – 17.3
Average Cap Rate – 5.1%
Average $ per BR – $192,296
Average $/sq ft – $452
Average Net Operating ratio – 85.8%

Ft Collins – 18Q3 Sales Stats
Average GRM – 15.0
Average Cap Rate – 5.9%
Average $ per BR – $108,962
Average $/sq ft – $217
Average Net Operating ratio – 87.3%